Modern Slavery Statement 2022

At Full Effect CBD Magazine, we are committed to promoting ethical practices and upholding human rights in all aspects of our business. We recognize that modern slavery and human trafficking are grave violations of fundamental human rights and are determined to take a proactive stance against these crimes.

Our Approach:

  1. Policies and Compliance: We have implemented robust policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding modern slavery and human trafficking. We expect our employees, suppliers, and business partners to adhere to these standards.
  2. Supply Chain Transparency: We strive for transparency within our supply chain. We work closely with our suppliers and conduct due diligence to ensure that they share our commitment to ethical practices and respect for human rights.
  3. Supplier Audits: We regularly assess and monitor our suppliers to verify their compliance with our standards. This includes evaluating their policies, procedures, and labor practices to minimize the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  4. Employee Awareness and Training: We provide ongoing training and awareness programs to our employees to ensure they understand the signs of modern slavery and human trafficking. We encourage reporting of any suspected incidents and provide appropriate channels for whistleblowing.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously reviewing and improving our practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. We actively seek feedback from our stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, and customers, to identify areas for enhancement.

Our Expectations:

We expect all individuals and entities associated with Full Effect CBD Magazine, including employees, suppliers, and business partners, to uphold the following principles:

  1. No forced or compulsory labor: We prohibit the use of any form of forced, bonded, or involuntary labor within our organization and supply chain.
  2. Fair wages and working conditions: We expect fair wages and reasonable working hours for all employees, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.
  3. Child labor: We do not tolerate the use of child labor in any form. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to minimum age requirements.
  4. Human rights and dignity: We respect the human rights, dignity, and diversity of all individuals. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of abuse is strictly prohibited.

Reporting Modern Slavery Concerns:

If you suspect or become aware of any potential violation of our modern slavery and human trafficking policies, we encourage you to report it immediately. We have established reporting mechanisms to ensure that all concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Contact: [Provide contact details for reporting concerns]


Full Effect CBD Magazine remains committed to combatting modern slavery and human trafficking and will take all necessary steps to eradicate these crimes from our operations and supply chain. We recognize the importance of collaboration, transparency, and ongoing improvement to create a world free from exploitation and ensure the dignity and well-being of all individuals.

This statement will be reviewed annually to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness in addressing modern slavery and human trafficking.