Canibrands review 2022

Canibrands is one of the many CBD companies in the hemp space that have grown following the great hype around CBD and its potential. It offers premium quality CBD products that feature full- and broad-spectrum CBD and come in the form of body sprays, topicals, softgels, and tinctures. As such, the brand needs to expand its product inventory. Nonetheless, there is a huge CBD concentration range, from 25 to 6000mg, allowing all novices and veterans with varied concentration needs. All its products are extracted using human-grade ethanol, after which they are formulated with MCT oil to increase the bioavailability and absorbability of the cannabinoids once the products interact with the human system.

About the Company

Canibrands calls itself the trusted brand for wellness, fitness, and sports in the CBD marketplace. It sources organic hemp throughout the US, and only liaises with farmers that uphold organic standards. It offers full- and broad-spectrum CBD products available in sprays, topicals, tinctures, and softgels. The total CBD concentrations for these products range from25 mg to 6000 mg, bringing on board all CBD enthusiasts, whether novices who are starting out or veterans who are used to concentrated CBD products.

The brand’s website is well-designed and easily navigable, giving any website an easy time surfing through. It has a FAQ link that leads to a comprehensive page, and all its products have independent 3rd party test results, most of which offer contaminant purity and CBD/THC test results. One outstanding thing about Canibrands is the accuracy of its products. All the four products we ordered passed CBD and THC potency tests, posing variances less than the 10% acceptable limit and the 0.3% THC threshold. Moreover, three out of the four products passed purity tests and were free of heavy metals, solvents, residues, microbials, and mycotoxins.

There is much to be admired about Canibrands, including its average price point of $0.05 per mg, which is well below the market average. Besides, it offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that reviews refunds and exchanges for unused items and the $49 threshold, which allows free shipping throughout the USA. In addition, the professionally-designed website the brand boasts four categories; sleep, recovery, energy, and wellness, which make the shopping experience easy. Nonetheless, Canibrands’ CBD product inventory is narrow and deserves to be expanded.


The following specs are true for Canibrands CBD;

  • Extracts feature full- and broad-spectrum formulations
  • Extracts available in softgels, sprays, tinctures, and topicals
  • Ethanol extraction used to strip CBD from the hemp surfaces
  • MCT oil used to formulate the products to increase the bioavailability and absorbability of the cannabinoids
  • Military veteran discounts available
  • Products guarantee flavors
  • Total CBD concentrations for the products range between 25 and 6000 mg
  • Thorough independent 3rd party lab tests
  • The product’s average price point is $0.05 per mg CBD
  • Products cost $14.99 to $159.99
  • cGMP-compliant facilities
  • a money-back guarantee accompanies products
  • free shipping for orders worth $49 and above
  • Non-GMO and contaminant-free products

Hemp Quality

Hemp quality is a critical factor in the hemp space since it determines the quality of the final CBD brands, ultimately determining whether a company holds on to or lets go of its customer base. As such, reputable brands focus on sourcing high-quality hemp to manufacture their CBD brands. Canibrands is one such company. It sources its hemp throughout the USA and ensures that it partners with farmers growing organic non-GMO hemp strains only, after which it uses human-grade ethanol to extract CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. What’s more, the brand uses cGMP-compliant facilities to manufacture its premium quality CBD products.

Buying Experience

The shopping experience on Canibrands’ website is enjoyable, considering the site is professionally designed and easily navigable. The Shop Now button launches various shopping options, including experience (Cani-Boost, Cani-Fresh, Cani-Sleep & Cani-Mend), category (cream, softgel, spray, oil, and balms), and bundled options on the two categories. All a person has to do is select the items of interest, add them to the cart, and check out to fill in billing and physical location details. The brand offers military veterans discounts which one becomes eligible for after confirming identity. If the orders are worth $49 and above, Canibrands offers free shipping throughout the USA. Otherwise, a flat shipping charge of $7.75 applies to all destinations.


Transparency is critical in every industry, especially when dealing with ingestible products. The FDA does not regulate the production of CBD products to control transparency, so the companies are needed to conduct independent 3rd party tests to examine products for potency and purity. Such tests confirm the absence of standard contaminants like heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, residues, and solvents and also check whether the THC and CBD potencies indicated on the labels match the actual contents. Canibrands adhere to these regulations and tests their products for potency and purity, after which it posts the results online of the respective product pages. It, however, does not have a centralized hub for the lab results.


CBD brands need not only to conduct independent 3rd party tests but also indicate the CBD and THC variances which then indicate the brand’s accuracy. To the best of our knowledge, we can say that Canibrands does a good job of ensuring potency accuracy. All the products we ordered passed potency tests, showing total CBD and THC concentrations to be less than the 10% acceptable limit and the 0.3% threshold, respectively. Moreover, the products passed purity tests and showed no presence of heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, residues, and solvents.

Manufacturing Process

Canibrands is a legal hemp grower and processor that liaises with farmers throughout the USA to source high-quality hemp that produces the premium quality products it deals in. It strives to partner with farmers who observe organic and sustainable farming practices only, ensuring that none of its products get a tint of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Interestingly, all the products whose test results were posted online passed purity tests and were free of solvents and chemicals.

Once the hemp matures, it is harvested and transported to the brand’s cGMP-compliant facilities. These facilities uphold safety standards by the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), guaranteeing CBD consumers of the product safety. It then uses human-grade ethanol to strip CBD off the hemp surfaces, resulting in full-spectrum and THC-free formulations. Most brands formulate their CBD extracts with MCT oil to increase product absorbability and cannabinoid bioavailability, and Canibrands is no exception, making its products more bioavailable and fast-acting.

The next step is the independent 3rd party testing, which constitutes quality and control steps run to examine products for THC and CBD potencies and contaminant purity. Canibrands meets these requirements and contracts modern scientific labs to test its products for purity and potency. What’s more, it uploads the results online on every product page, making them easily available for viewership. The process is complete at this stage, and the brand only awaits orders.

Range of Products

Canibrands has a narrow CBD inventory comprising the following premium quality products;

Canibrands CBD Tinctures

Canibrands’ CBD tinctures pose an average price point of $0.04- $0.18 and come in various potencies, ranging from 150 to 6000 mg. According to the website, the oils are strictly for oral and sublingual use, but can be added to foods and beverages. You can choose from the four Cani-Rest, Cani-Boost, Cani-Fresh, and Cani-Sleep categories.

Canibrands CBD Oral Sprays

These oral sprays are ethanol-extracted, MCT oil-formulated, and feature full-spectrum CBD. They have an average price point of $0.03 – $0.18 per mg CBD, and feature multiple CBD concentrations, ranging from 150 to 6000 mg. They are available in all four categories.

Canibrands CBD Softgels

The softgels are available in the Cani-Rest category only, are ethanol-extracted, MCT oil-formulated, and pose an average price point of $0.09 per mg CBD. The 30-count jar delivers 750 mg CBD since each gel contains 25 mg CBD. The softgels are for oral use only, with a serving being one softgel.

Canibrands CBD Topicals

The brand offers topical products strictly meant for external application and pose an average price point of $0.03- $0.17 per mg CBD. They are available in the Cani-Energy category only, but potencies vary, with CBD concentrations ranging from 150 to 1200 mg CBD.

What We Like About the Company

Our review appreciated many things about Canibrands, including;

  • Canibrands uses non-GMO hemp to manufacture its CBD products, which is ideal, considering the many controversies around the genetic modification of organisms
  • The brand manufactures its products in a cGMP-compliant facility, ensuring the highest safety standards are ensured throughout the cycle
  • The broad- and full-spectrum products offered by the brand guarantees full entourage effects with or without THC
  • The brand boasts premium quality products, which the testimonials by some of the world’s athletes confirm
  • Canibrands helps its clients save a few bucks by offering them free shipping once their orders hit $49
  • The 30-day satisfaction guarantee allows dissatisfied clients to file complaints and receive refunds or exchanges when the claims are verified
  • Canibrands offers military veterans discounts as a way of appreciating their work
  • The brand’s average price point of $0.05 per mg CBD is well below the market average, meaning its products are affordably priced

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although there is much to be admired about Canibrands, the company has its kinks which must be straightened for it to see new milestones in the CBD space. For instance;

  • It charges a 10% fee to restock returned items as it continues reviewing clients
  • Its shipping options take 5-7 business days from the time of order processing, which is relatively long
  • The $49 free shipping threshold is relatively high and may not be attained by all clients
  • The 30-day satisfaction guarantee only applies to unused products
  • Canibrands has a narrow CBD product inventory that needs to be improved
  • The brand does not offer edible products in its inventory

Our Verdict

Our review for Canibrands was not bad, considering that the brand boasts a professionally-designed website with testimonials from various world’s popular athletes, uses natural, non-GMO, organic hemp to manufacture its CBD products, conducts rigorous 3rd party tests and posts the results online, offers military veteran discounts, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping for orders worth $49 and above. What’s more, Canibrand’s average price points are well below the market average, and the online results reveal accuracy in potency and purity tests. Nonetheless, the company has its kinks that desire straightening. For instance, the satisfaction guarantee is limited to unused products, the free shipping threshold is relatively high, and the product inventory is narrow, with only sofgels, tinctures, topicals, and sprays being offered. As such, improving the mentioned areas will see the brand perform better in the cannabis space.

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